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Nursery (Tiger Cubs)

Welcome to Lee Brigg Nursery (also known as Tiger Cubs)


My name is Mrs Windsor and I am the Nursery teacher. I work alongside Mrs Hough (Nursery Nurse) with support from Mrs Woollands and Mrs Standring (Learning Support Assistants).


Starting nursery is the beginning of your child’s journey in school. Our aim is to ensure that all the children in our care are happy and settled.


At Lee Brigg nursery we focus particularly on developing the children’s communication and language skills, their physical skills and their personal, social and emotional skills. We call these the prime areas of development and we believe these skills are essential in order for other learning and development to take place.


We follow the seven areas of learning from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) within our planning to ensure children experience a broad and balanced curriculum.


We strive to provide a rich, exciting, stimulating, yet secure environment, (indoors and outdoors), where children are able to fulfil their own potential and are supported and guided by caring, knowledgeable adults. The children at Lee Brigg Nursery become confident, cooperative and independent learners.


The children take part in a balance of independent, small group and whole group learning, predominantly driven by their needs and interests, through their play. This ensures that the children’s learning is meaningful to their own personal journey.


The safety and welfare of every child at Lee Brigg Nursery is of paramount importance for us. We value the contribution of parents and we offer several opportunities for parents and family members to work alongside their child and be involved in their learning.

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EYFS Spring 1 Learning Overview (Tiger Cubs Nursery)

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EYFS Autumn 1 Learning Overview (Tiger Cubs Nursery)



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