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Early Years Foundation Stage

 Early Years Foundation Stage

At Lee Brigg Infant and Nursery School we value the importance of Early Years Education as the beginning of a child’s learning journey throughout school. Our Foundation Stage is made up of a 52 place nursery (26 places in a morning and 26 places in an afternoon) and a 45 place Reception intake which is split into two classes.


Nursery: Tiger Cubs

Mrs Windsor – Nursery Teacher

Mrs Hough – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Greenwood – Learning Support Assistant


Reception: Tigers Red / Blue

Mrs Guppy – Class Teacher

Miss Khan– Class Teacher

Mrs Tutt– Class Teacher

Mrs Greaves – Nursery Nurse / Assistant SENDCo

Mrs Goulding – Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Standring – Learning Support Assistant


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Nursery – Tiger Cubs

Reception: Tigers Red / Blue


Within the Foundation Stage we have developed our Curriculum to prepare our children for Key Stage 1 across all subject areas. We have carefully constructed learning opportunities, which are underpinned by The Early Years Framework (2021). This includes seven educational programmes based upon the three prime areas and four specific areas.


The three Prime Areas are – Communication and Language Physical Development Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

The four Specific Areas are – Literacy (Reading & Writing) Mathematics Understanding the World Expressive Arts and Design.


The three prime areas form the building blocks for learning and underpin our curriculum across all areas. Good development in all of these areas is essential for all other learning to take place. We pride ourselves on the promotion and development of PSED and Communication and Language so that children can go on through school to reach their full potential.


We provide a balanced curriculum which incorporates child initiated learning through play, adult led focus groups and whole class teaching. Our aim is to promote independence, confidence and a love of learning as well as the necessary knowledge and skills which will prepare the children for moving up into Key Stage One.


Our outcomes at the end of Foundation Stage are good in comparison to National outcomes, over a number of years.


We do our upmost to work with parents and see them as partners in their child’s early education. We rely on information about a child’s interests and achievements at home in order to build up a holistic view of each child and refine their next steps of learning.



How we promote British Values in Foundation Stage


If you need to know any more about Early Years at Lee Brigg, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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