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The Lee Brigg Award

At Lee Brigg Infant & Nursery School, we recognise the importance of our role in developing children’s character and well-being, alongside their academic achievements.

We continually review the needs of our children, our community as well as current global issues.  This is so that we can plan careful learning opportunities and experiences that will prepare our children with values for life, in order for them to become conscious, active citizens of the future.


Our framework brings together aspects of Personal, Social and Emotional Development, including a focus on healthy relationships, RE, PE, mental health and well-being.  In addition to these aspects, we have designed a set of skills and challenges that the children will undertake and achieve during their time in school from nursery to year 2.  These have been designed so that the children move through increasing levels of commitment, learning and challenge.



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At home, we would like you to take part in the ‘Life Skills Challenge’.  This consists of a set of five challenges that your child will complete each year throughout the school holidays.  The aim of these challenges is to encourage children early in their educational journey to become independent and accept new responsibilities, as well as learn new skills.


Half Term Challenges



Year 1

Year 2


If you require any further information or support in regards to the ‘Lee Brigg Challenge’ please contact the school office.

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